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Lightspeed Fire Flyte

picture of dog
Registered Name: Lightspeed Fire Flyte
Kennel: Lightspeed
Sire: Lightspeed Aragorn
Dam: Lady Julie
Call Name: Flyte
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 2 December 2008
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Austria
Land of Standing: Austria
Size: 54 cm (21.26 inch)
Weight: 18 kg (39.68 pound)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: A3, OB3
Known Offspring:
A Chazz From The Stony Highland
A Cho From The Stony Highland
A Fine Frenzy AJ McCool
A Fine Frenzy Al Capone
A Fine Frenzy Anne Boleyn
A Fine Frenzy Annie Get Your Gun
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Abby Fay Of Sunshineborders
Akay Of Styrian Hills
Akira Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
Alba Fay Of Sunshineborders
Alvin Fay Of Sunshineborders
Amely Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
Amigo Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
Amy Von Ruine Vanstorff
Anoki Of Styrian Hills
Aponi Rose Of Styrian Hills
April Von Ruine Vanstorff
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Ashok Of Styrian Hills
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Asko Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
Aslan Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
Astra Von Der Ruine Vanstorff
At Moonlight From The Stony Highland
Atreju Of Styrian Hills
Ayasha Of Styrian Hills
C'est La Vie Banataj Wind
Cafe Noir Banataj Wind
Call Me Cassis Banataj Wind
Camael Banataj Wind
Carregheen Banataj Wind
Cashew Banataj Wind
Clean Cut Banataj Wind
Click Now Banataj Wind
Crystal Clear Banataj Wind
Cute Bordyna Banataj Wind
Dana Ciara Ovcarska
Dante From Vertical Limit
Dark Deeks From Vertical Limit
Deirdre Ciara Ovcarska
Destiny Is Yoga From Vertical Limit
Dewey Fire Ovcarski
Dilic Ciara Ovcarska
Dream About Zefir From Vertical Limit
Drive From Vertical Limit
Dwyn Ciara Ovcarska
I Will Always Love You Border Song
Ice Queen Border Song
Imagine Border Song
In Perfect Harmony Border Song
Infinity Border Song
Iron Eagle Border Song
J From Vulcano Country
Jeffrey From Vulcano Country
Jenny From Vulcano Country
Jeremy From Vulcano Country
Jethro From Vulcano Country
Jill From Vulcano Country
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Joy From Vulcano Country
Julie From Vulcano Country
Lovely With Heart And Soul Akita
Lovely With Heart And Soul Angel
Lovely With Heart And Soul Azur
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Lightspeed Fire Flyte

Lightspeed Aragorn

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Lady Julie

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