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Trust Your Heart Black Jack

picture of dog
Registered Name: Trust Your Heart Black Jack
Breeder: Sandra Lima da Silva
Owner: Ivan Linhart
Kennel: Trust your Heart
Sire: Cemig Roy
Dam: Astra Pepper
Call Name: Jack
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 2 February 2009
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: Czech Republic
Size: 52 cm (20.47 inch)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features: DNA/CEA - normal
Titles: HWT, IHT 1 - trial 1 - IHT 2 - trial 2 - trial 3
Known Offspring:
Aki z Krojcenku
Alize Herding Breeze
Angel Jack Star from Kingstown
Arien Herding Breeze
Aron z Krojcenku
Avalanche Herding Breeze
Aylin z Krojcenku
Azali Herding Breeze
Belayla Manthy Prague
Black Berry Tora Mei
Black Race Crazy Sun
Blue Boy Tora Mei
Bonnie Tora Mei
Born To Fly Crazy Sun
Brilliant Yoko Manthy Prague
Brixie Tora Mei
Cclyde Gulden Land
Cessie Hvezda Els
Cessy Hvezda Els
Cimmo Hvezda Els
Ciro Hvezda Els
Cyrus Hvezda Els
Eager Beaver Holly Collie
Eagle Eye Holly Collie
Ebony Nose Jack Daniel's
Ebony Nose Jack Junior
Ebony Nose Jiffy
Ebony Nose Jumanji
Ebony Nose June
Elo Yolo Holly Collie
Endless Legend Holly Collie
Extreme Unabomber Holly Collie
Flyland Baltic King
Flyland Bernice Arrow
Flyland Black Blizzard
Flyland Blithe Runner
Flyland Blue Legend
Flyland Boiling Blood
Follow The Leader Bugi-Vugi Flame
Follow The Leader Go Go Deja
Follow The Leader Hip-Hop Flint
Paco Rabanne Aibara
Ping Pong Aibara
Pinocchio Aibara
Piranha Magic Aibara
Power Jump Aibara
Puzzle Baby of Aibara
Rose Gulden Land
Rumba Zumba Aibara
Seven Seas I.-C. Raven Absinth on the Rocks
Seven Seas I.-C. Raven Amazing Dell
Seven Seas I.-C. Raven Anne
Seven Seas I.-C. Raven Arizona
Seven Seas I.-C. Raven Awesome Sly
Shelby Gulden Land
Taf Gulden Land
Tax Gulden Land
Tay Gulden Land
Wake Up Your Brain Red Chili
Wally Gulden Land
Wilbur Gulden Land
Win Gulden Land
Zayo Tyron Aibara
Zee Zee Dream Aibara
Zig Zag Aibara
Zirk Aibara
Zoom Zoom Aibara
Registration Number: ISDS 301537
Trust Your Heart Beat
Trust Your Heart Bracken
Trust your heart Bhric

Trust Your Heart Black Jack

Cemig Roy

Llangwm Bob


Astra Pepper

Astra Mars

Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye

Astra Pride

Whiterose Kep

Eryri Nan