Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Caora's Brigid female EF Tweed Black and White 2016
Caora's Aria female Magic MerlinJuno Black and White 2015
Caora's Apple female Magic MerlinJuno Blue Merle 2015
Brildwns Laurel female Black and White 2005
Boscoe male Scot Black and White 1988
Bo-Tyne Out Havin' Fun female Bo-Tyne CopperBo-Tiny Gidget Black and White 2002
Bo-Tyne Copper male Bo-Tiny Jimy Chocolate & White 1995
Bo-Tyne Badger male RambowBo-Tiny Gidget Black and White 1995
Bo-Tiny Jimy male Rambow Chocolate & White 1991
Bo-Tiny Gidget female ShepKaty Black and White 1993
Blush Tried And Tru female Spot VIIISkye Born To Blush Chocolate & White 1999
BH Rowdy male Chocolate Merle 1997
Bellaclan You And I Roll The Dice male Bellaclan This Is ItCompanions Starstruck V Bellaclan Sable & White 2013
Bellaclan This Is It male Made You Look At PowerhouseKesca Made Wild Black and White 2009
Bellaclan Sunset Love Spell female Bayshore's Hot Chocolate of AvatarKesca Pipers Sunset Melody Black and White 2013
Bellaclan Reach For The Stars female Noteworthy Prophecy In TimeBrildwns Laurel Black and White 2011
Bell's Jade female Jake Black and White 1991
Bart male CraigGrace Black and White
Alta-Pete Dan male SweepGidge Black Tricolour