Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Shep male Meg Black and White
Shep male Mizanne BeauRuscombe Tansy of Hollowshot Black and White
Say Yes To Quiet Confidence male Offspring ExcelLet It Shine Chocolate & White 2011
Rival's TriHard Divot male Bo-Tyne CopperRivals Jute Chocolate & White 2000
Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe male Trumagik Tartan ScottClan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-Angel Black and White 1998
Outburst The One To Watch female Shoreland's First Round Draft PickOutburst Little Bit Of Crazy Black and White 2011
Outburst Reap The Rewards male Wildair Blue On BlackOutburst Livin a Crazy Life Blue Merle 2007
Outburst Radical Vision female Borderfame Solid RockOutburst Essie Little Zinger Black and White 2006
Outburst Little Bit Of Crazy female Wildair Blue On BlackOutburst Livin a Crazy Life Black and White 2007
Outburst Into Darkness At Canyonland male Outburst Reap The RewardsJule Too's First Kiss Black and White 2017
Outburst Hero At Borderclan male Brackenhill Lots Of TartanOutburst Livin a Crazy Life Black and White 2003
Outburst Guinness World Records To Licasa male Outburst Reap The RewardsOutburst Radical Vision Blue Merle 2013
Outburst Essie Little Zinger female Trumagik Tartan ScottClan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-Angel Black and White 1999
Monty male StarEthel Black and White 2008
Meg female Black and White 2008
Mabel female CraigGrace Black and White
Let It Shine female Woodsorrel SpectreWaggerland Spice Chocolate & White 2007
Lazy Hills Ryker male Chocolate & White 1995
Kate female AceMegan Black and White
Juno female Cuddles Black and White 2012
Jean's Gyp female Black and White
Hollowshot Trippin On Sunshine male Hollowshot Phantom WispHollowshot Fen Black and White 2002
Hollowshot Sweep male ShepTibbie At Hollowshot Black and White
Hollowshot Pip female Mobella GlenHollowshot Nell Black and White
Hollowshot Phantom Wisp male Hollowshot MossMobella Flighty Miss Black and White 1998
Hollowshot Nell female Black and White
Hollowshot Moss male Glen Black and White
Hollowshot Fen female Hollowshot SweepHollowshot Pip Black and White
Hiq Wilderness Trek female Black and White 1992
Hiq Puzzle female BartHiq Omnipotent Black and White 2003
Hiq Omnipotent female BoscoeHiq Wilderness Trek Black and White 1995
Hiq Amaze female Hollowshot Trippin On SunshineHiq Puzzle Black and White 2006
Grace female Boy Black and White
Freckles male Blue Merle 1989
Ethel female Craig Black and White
EF Tweed male Llangwm Roy Black Tricolour
Drift male Llanfarian Cap Black Tricolour 2009
CV Joe male Black and White 1997
CV Cap male CV Joe Black Tricolour 1999
Cuddles female Black and White
Cedar Red Reckoning male Lazy Hills RykerBlush Tried And Tru Chocolate & White 2005
Cedar Flame For Eyewitness female Lazy Hills RykerBlush Tried And Tru Chocolate & White 2005
Caora's Brigid female EF Tweed Black and White 2016
Caora's Aria female Magic MerlinJuno Black and White 2015
Caora's Apple female Magic MerlinJuno Blue Merle 2015
Brildwns Laurel female Black and White 2005
Boscoe male Scot Black and White 1988
Bo-Tyne Out Havin' Fun female Bo-Tyne CopperBo-Tiny Gidget Black and White 2002
Bo-Tyne Copper male Bo-Tiny Jimy Chocolate & White 1995
Bo-Tyne Badger male RambowBo-Tiny Gidget Black and White 1995