Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Judy & Johanna
Last name: Vos
Postal Code:
Country: New Zealand
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Aberdeenboy Of Clan-Abby
All Black Magic O Clan-Abby
Black Jack Of Clan-Abby
Black Lady From Clan-Abby
Black-Booties O Clan-Abby
Blue Thunder O Clan-Abby
Casanova Joy Of Clan-Abby
Casanova-Lace O' Clan-Abby
Clan Abby Hiland Verity
Clan-Abby A Shooting Star
Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Clan-Abby Casanova Too
Clan-Abby Danger Zone
Clan-Abby Fantasia
Clan-Abby Fantasy-Of-Love
Clan-Abby Hiland Thunder
Clan-Abby Hiland Trekker
Clan-Abby Hiland-Kiwi
Clan-Abby Im N Tartan-Too
Clan-Abby Joie De Vivre
Clan-Abby Joy-Of-The-Loch
Clan-Abby Kai To Kardella
Clan-Abby Kiwi Czarina
Clan-Abby Kiwi To Victory
Clan-Abby Legacie-O-Stars
Clan-Abby Lorna Doone
Clan-Abby Lorna's Brae
Clan-Abby Lorna's Kilt
Clan-Abby Lorna's Love
Clan-Abby Love In The Mist
Clan-Abby Love Story At Borderbreeze
Clan-Abby Maori Warrior
Clan-Abby My Dad's In The UK
Clan-Abby NZ Blue Snow Bear
Clan-Abby Nz Carolyn's Dylan
Clan-Abby Nz Doug's Storm At Borderbreeze
Clan-Abby NZ Dream Lover
Clan-Abby NZ Frozen In Time
Clan-Abby NZ Frozen-Fr-Future
Clan-Abby Nz Grand Thunder
Clan-Abby Nz I'm A Tartan Girl
Clan-Abby Nz Ice Trekker
Clan-Abby Nz Kia Ora Kiwi
Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi Magic
Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Peter
Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Robbie
Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Stardust
Clan-Abby Nz Kiwi Trekker
Clan-Abby Nz Mi-Casa-Su-Casa
Clan-Abby NZ Misty Tartan
Clan-Abby Nz Tartan Piper
Clan-Abby Nz Tartan-Tazette
Clan-Abby NZ Thunder's Kestrel
Clan-Abby NZ Thunders Ojo
Clan-Abby Nz Thunders Prince
Clan-Abby Nz-Israel- Kiwi
Clan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-Angel
Clan-Abby Nz-Kiwi-Phantom
Clan-Abby Nz-Kiwi-Vroutje
Clan-Abby NZ-Phantoms-Tui
Clan-Abby Nz-Tonalee-Love
Clan-Abby Nz's Black Magic
Clan-Abby Phantom of Love
Clan-Abby Prince Dundee
Clan-Abby Princess Grace
Clan-Abby Rhapsody-N-Blue
Clan-Abby Silver Kiwi At Beagold
Clan-Abby Sing The Blues
Clan-Abby Stormy Morn
Clan-Abby Tartan Tempest
Clan-Abby The Highlander At Serenecrest
Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz
Clan-Abby Thunderbolt
Clan-Abby To Hell And Back
Clan-Abby Too Much Tartan
Clan-Abby Top O the Heath
Clan-Abby Top Othebrae
Clan-Abby Touch-O-British of Serenecrest
Clan-Abby Treasure Of Nz
Clan-Abby Victorian Haze
Dells Love From Clan-Abby
Dundeechief of Clan-Abby
Eveningsky Of Clan-Abby
Francesca Of Clan-Abby
Georgie Girl at Clan-Abby
Hazie-Star At Clan-Abby
Highland Haze Of Clan-Abby
Hilandchief Of Clan-Abby
Image Of Love At Clan-Abby
Jillaroo Of Clan-Abby
Joy's Casanova O Clan-Abby
Joys Echo Of Clan-Abby
Judeen's Joy Of Clan-Abby At Tonkory
Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-Abby
Kiwi-Phantasy O Clan-Abby
Lazersjoy of Clan-Abby
Loch-N-Legacy To Clan-Abby
Lochhamish of Clan-Abby
Lochiel-Love At Clan-Abby
Lochinbrae Of Clan-Abby
Lochlinne Of Clan-Abby
Love Me Too At Clan-Abby
Miriama Of Clan-Abby
Miss Haze of Clan-Abby
Mistysky Of Clan-Abby
NZ-Kiwi Diamond of Clan Abby
Pania Of Clan-Abby
Proud Chief of Clan-Abby
Secret Affair O Clan-Abby
Silver-Legend O Clan-Abby
Stormy-Dream Of Clan-Abby
Tainsh's Kiwi O Clan-Abby
Tazman Trekker O Clan-Abby
Thunder Too At Clan-Abby
Thunderbird Of Clan-Abby
Thunderboy of Clan-Abby
Thunderline Of Clan-Abby
Thundersky Of Clan-Abby
UK-Connection O'Clan-Abby
Winds O War From Clan-Abby
Xmas-Cracker At Clan-Abby