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Mawlch Wisp

picture of dog
Registered Name: Mawlch Wisp
Breeder: Alen Marekovic
Owner: Ida Freskura
Kennel: Mawlch
Sire: Eiri Greme Gwen
Dam: Mawlch Lynn
Call Name: Vis
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 24 March 2012
Date of Death: 20 December 2020
Land of Birth: Croatia
Land of Standing: Croatia
Size: 51 cm (20.08 inch)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: RH-FL/A,B, A-3, European open 2014, 2015, 2016 team member
Known Offspring:
Coconut Juice at Lullaby
Every Kingdom Ragnarok
Every Kingdom Rising Flake from Heaven
Every Kingdom Royal Lanakila
Every Kingdom Russian Roulette
Explosive Joseph At The Speed Of Sound
Mawlch D'min
Mawlch Dara
Mawlch Deetwo
Mawlch Duffy
Mawlch Gimli
Mawlch Gin
Mawlch Grace
Mawlch Griffin
Mawlch Groot
Mawlch Kate
Mawlch Kip
Mawlch Kiss
Mawlch Kitkat
Mawlch Knox
Mawlch Knut
Mawlch Koosh
Mawlch Koza
Mawlch Krome
Mawlch Maddox
Mawlch Mayzie
Mawlch Milo
Mawlch Mitch
Mawlch Moon
Mawlch Nap
Mawlch Natsu
Mawlch Neelah
Mawlch Neelix
Mawlch Neo
Mawlch Nerys
Mawlch Nessie
Mawlch Newt
Mawlch Noniin
Mawlch Vorbarra
Mawlch Vorbretten
Mawlch Vorkosigan
Mawlch Vorob'yev
Mawlch Vorpatril
Mawlch Vorrutyer
Nangamai Dakota
Nangamai Dash
Nangamai Durran
Nangamai Dwain
Nangamai Dylan
P'sik Seeks The Speed Of Sound
Rave Runs At The Speed Of Sound
Speed Of Sound Plays The Lex
Speed Of Sound The Lenon Way
Spiridom Obi Wan Kenobi
Welshriverdee Marvelous Matej
Welshriverdee Not For Sale
Welshriverdee Power Flix
Welshriverdee That's My Boy
Welshriverdee Wildest Performance
Welshriverdee You go Girl
Registration Number: HR 10369
EAOD clear, CEA carrier
Mawlch Wacka
Mawlch Wai
Mawlch Warp
Mawlch Winn
Mawlch Witch
Mawlch Woolie

Mawlch Wisp

Eiri Greme Gwen

Gwen Of Wileroltigen

Gleann's Zell

Sally Of Wileroltigen

Eiri Greme Jan

Gwynt Dolly

Mawlch Lynn

H'Nick Vom Danischen Wohld


Lower Poole Liz

Mawlch Cass

Maeglin Xmac

Germal Handy Lass