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Windrift Better Be Good To Me

picture of dog
Registered Name: Windrift Better Be Good To Me
Breeder: Marta Moser
Owner: Tatyana Baktimirova
Kennel: Windrift
Sire: Simaro Cold As Ice
Dam: Ayla Willem's Choice
Call Name: Veter
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 30 December 2013
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Austria
Land of Standing: Russia
Size: 52 cm (20.47 inch)
Weight: 20 kg (44.09 pound)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Blr Youth Ch, Rus Ch, Ee CH, Bel CH, LT CH, 3 Crufts q, RKF CH, Baltic Winner, Hun Ch, HWT/CS, BH/VT
Known Offspring:
Aisknekht Marble Mashine
Aisknekht Markswebb
Aisknekht Meine Zonda R
Aisknekht Monster Energy
Aisknekht Mosquito de Havilland
Little Star Ameli
Living With Love For The Moon
Maliband A Burbon
Maliband Ah Champagne
Maliband Always Tequila
Maliband And Mojito
Maliband Aperol Sprits
Motley House Abigail
Motley House Alice in Wonderland
Motley House Amulet
Motley House Icy
Motley House Tsekhina
Motley House Tsennaya Shtuchka
Motley House Tsimus
Motley House Yanika
Motley House Yantarnaya Kapelka
Motley House Yarilo
Motley House Yasno Solnyshko
Motley House Yeseniya
Motley House Young Shepherd
Rutagor Batis Black Queen
Rutagor Beltane Ree Golden Boy
Rutagor Best Blaze Fox
Rutagor Black Roller
Rutagor Blackthorn Winter
Rutagor Blaut Black
Rutagor Garmoniya Vetra Vanda
Rutagor Grace Daughter Wind
Rutagor Mountain Wind
Rutagor Peschanaya Burya
Rutagor Polar Wind
Rutagor Polyarnaya Zvezda
Rutagor Prime
Rutagor Princess Polli
Rutagor Shailey Agile Fox
Rutagor Shanny Lyasan
Rutagor Shine Star Ressline
Rutagor Shug Benjamin
Rutagor Tamdu
Rutagor Teaninich
Rutagor Tobermory
Rutagor Tomatin
Rutagor Tormor
Registration Number: RKF 3982803
Tatoo / Chip: 985170002263118
NGB-2 CEA/CH test normal/clear; NCL - N/N (clear) MDR1 - N/N (+/+) IGS - N/N TNS- N/N MH - N/N GG - N/N Raiene syndrom - N/N
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Windrift Black Velvet
Windrift Bridget Jones

Windrift Better Be Good To Me

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