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Irresistible Gold Boy De L Eho Pastoral

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Registered Name: Irresistible Gold Boy De L Eho Pastoral
Breeder: Mlle Lyon Paola
Owner: Anna Koscheeva
Sire: Kall Of Duty Of Maranns Home
Dam: Elle est folle de moi des Rives du Lagon Bleu
Call Name: Boy
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 26 March 2013
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: France
Land of Standing: Russia
Colour: Golden Red & White
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: САС,JCHR, HIT-1
Known Offspring:
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Ellie
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Erey
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Erika
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Eto Yula
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Napoleon
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Narnia
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nefertiti
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nesravnennaya Tesla
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Niagara
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nigel Golden Jack
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nikole
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Noktis
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nord
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nord Ayk
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Norton
Agay Kuzyur-Ok Nyanma Ninn
Barbie Kuzyur-Ok
Barney My Sweet Bear
Beauty Jessica
Blackberry Grin Veli for Kisses of Angel
Blueberry Forest Glade Kisses of Angel
Bovary Pallada Pastoral
Egun Pallada Pastoral
Eko Litner Pallada Pastoral
Eremey Pallada Pastoral
Etay Pallada Pastoral
Etun Pallada Pastoral
Eva Dallas Pallada Pastoral
Jean Julien Humble Boy Pallada Pastoral
Jeorgetta Pallada Pastoral
Joeyen Reed Pallada Paatoral
Lifehack Bill Like Pallada Pastoral
Lola Brigida Pallada Pastoral
Valencia Pallada Pastoral
Vaterloo Pallada Pastoral
Viking Pallada Pastoral
Walle Reliable Friend
Warezhka Winter Tale
Whiskey Black And White
Wiking Brave Warrior
Wildfire Faster the Wind
William Best Herdsman
Winny Sladkiy Med
Wishenka Angel Pastoral
Zhozetta Dupre Pallada Pastoral
Zoe Pallada Pastoral
Registration Number: RKF 3805635

Irresistible Gold Boy De L Eho Pastoral

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