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Liza's Border Ouzo Red

picture of dog
Registered Name: Liza's Border Ouzo Red
Breeder: Elisabeth Kotschy
Owner: Danielle Boshouwers
Kennel: Liza's Border
Sire: Tarrynden Freelander
Dam: Liza's Border Kenya Red
Call Name: Ready
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 1 May 2002
Date of Death: 13 March 2012
Land of Birth: Austria
Land of Standing: Netherlands
Colour: Chocolate Merle
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score:
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Blue Tess Of The Old Foxmountains
Early From Doggone Borders
Fcookie from Doggone Borders
Feebee from Doggone Borders
Fiji from Doggone Borders
Flash from Doggone Borders
Fleur Fan'e Rispinge
Fly from Doggone Borders
Free from Doggone Borders
Funny Face From Doggone Borders
Jolly Flame From Doggone Borders
Jolly Jarno From Doggone Borders
Jolly Jet From Doggone Borders
Jolly Kia From Doggone Borders
Jolly Lycka From Doggone Borders
Jolly Pup 5 From Doggone Borders
Jolly Vicky From Doggone Borders
Nice Of You To Come Bye Always Ready
Nice Of You To Come Bye Be Quick
Nice Of You To Come Bye Curious Cosmo
Nice Of You To Come Bye Ready For Ever
Nice Of You To Come Bye Ready for Me
Nice Of You To Come Bye Sambuca
Nice of You to Come Bye Redwick Rebel
Nosy Nina From Stone Gardens
Sheepa From Stone Gardens
Treasure Tycha From Stone Gardens
Registration Number: NHSB 2406817
Liza's Borders O'Hara Red
Liza's Borders Oberon Red
Liza's Borders Ocean Blue
Liza's Borders Onepoint Red
Liza's Borders Only Black
Liza's Borders Orion Red

Liza's Border Ouzo Red

Tarrynden Freelander

Mobella Red Rum
Dellmerino Blaze Of Glory At Mobella
Mobella Secret Love
Mobella Penny Seranade Of TarryndenMobella Country Lad
Mobella Dark Venture

Liza's Border Kenya Red

Mr Mott Vom Weideland

Iontac Blue Vom Weideland
Jondala Vom Weideland

Liza's Border Hazel Black

Templemoyle Twin

Fleur Vom Waldecker Land