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Eiri Greme Ray

picture of dog
Registered Name: Eiri Greme Ray
Breeder: Erika Hofer
Owner: Tanja Pollich
Kennel: Eiri Greme
Sire: Gleann's Zell
Dam: Eiri Greme Jan
Call Name: Ray
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 25 February 2009
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Switzerland
Land of Standing: Germany
Size: 51 cm (20.08 inch)
Weight: 15 kg (33.07 pound)
Colour: Chocolate & White
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: A3
Known Offspring:
Ambassador Bohemia Grant
Anthony Bohemia Grant
Aready Bohemia Grant
Armati's Jolly Jack
Armati's Jolly Jim
Armati's Jolly Josh
Armati's Juicy Jibber Jabber
Astonishing Joe Bohemia Grant
Baam Thats Life With Eager To Work
Baam Thats Life With Eager To Work
Black Flame With Eager To Work
Brave Little Ida With Eager To Work
Carpe Diem
C’est la Vie
Darleyfalls Noddy Spots
Darleyfalls Red Edition
Darleyfalls Rose P​etal
Easy Finn Bohemia Grant
Ebony Nose Easy Beat
Ebony Nose Elitario
Ebony Nose Elixir
Ebony Nose Elron
Ebony Nose Emerald Star
Ebony Nose Energy
Eil Oakley Bohemia Grant
Eluji Of Shadowman
Escape to Dream Bohemia Grant
Especially For You of Shadowman
Excelsior Kepa Bohemia Grant
Explosive Essay
Extra Jackpot of Shadowman
Flyland Nata Vincere
Flyland Natural Wonder
Flyland Never Stop Narnia
Flyland Northern Lights
Flyland Nothing's Impossible
Flyland Nuclear Power
Gandalf of Shadowman
Gentle Soul of Shadowman
Gorgeous Heartbeat of Shadowman
Haru of Shadowman
Holaf of Shadowman
Hyde of Shadowman
Icepeak Ray's Fair Play
Icepeak Ray's Fast Pace
Icepeak Ray's Fellow Dreamer
Icepeak Ray's Fly High
Jacey from Thircan's Dream
Jamie from Thircan's Dream
Janosch from Thircan's Dream
Jean from Thircan's Dream
Jenna from Thircan's Dream
Jill from Thircan's Dream
Juzz from Thircan's Dream
Kami of Shadowman
Karma of Shadowman
Kate of Shadowman
Kenzie from Thircans Dream
Key of Shadowman
Knut of Shadowman
Lee of Shadowman
Littlefoot of Shadowman
Loki of Shadowman
Lou of Shadowman
Louie of Shadowman
Lugia Of Shadowman
Luxgunner of Shadowman
Mindpower Warrior
Mindpower Watti
Mindpower Wisdom
Mindpower Wizard
Mindpower Woohoo
Registration Number: ISDS 302252
Eiri Greme Cassidi
Eiri Greme Craig
Eiri Greme Mitch
Eiri Greme Moss
Eiri Greme Reah

Eiri Greme Ray

Gleann's Zell




Eiri Greme Jan

Gwynt Dolly
Noble Lad
Derry Jem