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Fetch Granting Pleasure

picture of dog
Registered Name: Fetch Granting Pleasure
Breeder: Klaus Grauhering
Owner: Marco Giavoni
Kennel: Granting Pleasure
Sire: Quincy Vom Turnhof
Dam: Alison Von Hegnenberg
Call Name: Fetch
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 September 2006
Date of Death: 22 July 2019
Land of Birth: Germany
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 55 cm (21.65 inch)
Weight: 18 kg (39.68 pound)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: A3
Known Offspring:
All Zet A Flexible Flyer
All Zet A Wink And A Nod
All Zet Addicted Tugger
All Zet Air Attack Strafe
All Zet All Jazzed Up
All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya
All Zet And See Me
Atticus Mac
Beck's Hill Flashback
Beck's Hill Havanna Summer
Beck's Hill Jack The Ripper
Beck's Hill Jason's Lyric
Beck's Hill Killing Me Softly
Beck's Hill King Of The Sun
Beck's Hill Kiss Of The Dragon
Beck's Hill Mafia Princess
Beck's Hill Master Of The World
Beck's Hill My Dream Is Yours
Beck's Hill Never Let Me Go
Beck's Hill No Limits
Clever Neelha By By Side
Coast To Coast With Dash
Coldstream Do Not Disturb
Coldstream Easy To Love
Coldstream Eccel
Coldstream Ecstasy Effect
Coldstream Enjoy Lavie
Coldstream Epic Flame
Coldstream Estu
Coldstream Genius
Cross Country Running With Ahena
Darleyfalls Granting Gift
Darleyfalls Granting Star
Darleyfalls Granting Style
Ebony Nose Africa
Ebony Nose Afrodita
Ebony Nose Agent Black
Ebony Nose Artefact
Ebony Nose Aslan
Ebony Nose Astoria
Ebony Nose Garmony
Ebony Nose Germes
Ebony Nose Goldie
Ebony Nose Gothic
Fire Rock Gron
Flying Paws Sky is A Limit
Hanohano Tomi
Ignite's Light It Up!
Ignited Light It Up!
Ignited's Bluebird
Ignited's By Daring Pleasure
Ignited's Expecto Patronum
Ignited's Friendship Don't You Wish!
Ignited's Frienships By Daring Pleasure
Ignited's Go Go Gadget
Ignited's Jammer
Ignited's La Velocita
Ignited's Order Of Kahless
Ignited's Ready Player One
Ignited's Shaken Not Stirred!
Ignited's Super G
Ignited's Una Queen Of The Fairies
Iron Del Capo Lucano
Mawlch Beatle
Mawlch Beecybee
Mawlch Bel
Mawlch Bok
Mawlch Bracken
Mawlch Easy
Mawlch Eddard
Mawlch Eenymeenyminymoe
Mawlch Elseis
Mawlch Epic
Mawlch Evil
Mawlch Ewan
Mawlch Excited
Mawlch Fay
Mawlch Fetch
Mawlch Ffan
Mawlch Floss
Mawlch Flynn
Mawlch Frodo
Mawlch Haze
Mawlch Hemp
Mawlch Hero
Mawlch Holly
Mawlch Hooch
Mawlch Hoss
Mawlch Hugo
Mawlch Q'pla
Mawlch Q't-bird
Mawlch Queen
Mawlch Quen
Mawlch Quick
Mawlch Quiff
Mawlch Quinto
Mawlch Quizz
Mawlch Quon
Mawlch Taff
Mawlch Tan
Mawlch Ted
Mawlch Tess
Mawlch Tig
Mawlch Tip
Mawlch Toss
Mawlch Trim
Mawlch Turk
Mawlch Tweed
Mawlch Twig
Mawlch Xav
Mawlch Xcel
Mawlch Xem
Mawlch Xila
Mawlch Xpress
Mawlch Xtc
Mawlch Xtreme
Ms Warrior in the Star
Never Give Up My B
Never Never Land K' Big Bang
Never Never Land K'Be Power Superluminal
Never Never Land K'Constellation Primrose
Never Never Land K'Cosmic Ray
Never Never Land K'Freex Universe
Never Never Land K'Ticket Into Space
Never Never Land Y'Burnin' Rubber
Never Never Land Y'Over Drive
Never Never Land Y'Sudden Burst
Shadow Of Aire Fetch It
Shadow Of Aire Fiona Fly
Shadow Of Aire Flash Dance
Shadow Of Aire Magic Zira
Shadow Of Aire Most Splendid
Shadow Of Aire My Destiny
Shadow Of Aire Nicnac Noah
Shadow Of Aire Nico
Shadow Of Aire Night Fury
Shadow Of Aire Selene
Shadow Of Aire Semper Fidelis
Shadow Of Aire Sia
Shadow Of Aire Sweet Peper Mint
Shadow of Aire First Class
Shadow of Aire Must Be Magic
Shadow of Aire Sofia Solare
Shadow of Aire Speed
Shakti Se F'Grande Fuoco
Shakti Se F'Rey the Midnight Gem
Shakti Se F'reex Be My Patch
Shakti Se FFlawless Malibu
Shakti Se Ff'Roy Masaru
Shakti Se Ff'ame Emu
Shakti Se Ff'reex Ginga
Sonic Boom
Wanderers Of Saint Wendelin Abel
Wanderers Of Saint Wendelin Adar
Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Akira
Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Alek
Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Alister
Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Amina
Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Aslan
White Grey Ice
Wonder Woman To Beck's Hill
Registration Number: ROI 0796487, ZBrH 10911
Anne Hope Granting Pleasure
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Fetch Granting Pleasure

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