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Astra Jai Ho

picture of dog
Registered Name: Astra Jai Ho
Breeder: Janet Beale
Owner: Ewa Lukasik
Kennel: Astra
Sire: Astra Jay
Dam: Astra Tic
Call Name: Jai
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 1 May 2009
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: Poland
Colour: Chocolate Merle
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Frisbee,Agility
Known Offspring:
A Hyper Aragorn Allstar Paws
A Hyper Legolas Allstar Paws
Agapi Freestyle Allstar Paws
Airin Tobani
All Hearts for Snow Devilkin Bohemia
Anemone Freestyle Allstar Paws
Anteia Freestyle Allstar Paws
Apollo Tobani
Arwen Freestyle Allstar Paws
Aspasia Freestyle Allstar Paws
Axis Tobani
B'in The Air Tonight Forest Land Chilabo
B'its Not Too Late Forest Land Chilabo
B'one More Night Forest Land Chilabo
B'take Me Home Forest Land Chilabo
B'true Colors Forest Land Chilabo
B'youll Be In My Heart Forest Land Chilabo
Baileys Tobani
Bastian Tobani
Bbandit Gulden Land
Bbeca Gulden Land
Bbella Gulden Land
Bben Gulden Land
Be Kean Tobani
Bera Tobani
Blinky Tobani
Blue Moon Forest Land Chilabo
Botani Tobani
Bright Forest Land Chilabo
Caccao In Unis Kynopolis
Darakushita Otome Hamyfa
Deiri Suta Hamyfa
Devu Iru Hamyfa
Never Never Land B'Lucky One
Never Never Land J'Death Proof
Never Never Land J'Django
Never Never Land J'Jackie Brown
Never Never Land J'Killer Crow
Never Never Land Q'Killer Mini
Never Never Land Q'Mustang
Never Never Land Q'Shelby
Never Never Land Q'Subaru Impreza
Never Never Land S'Jayanti
Never Never Land S'Jayashri
Never Never Land S'Jayendra
Never Never Land S'Rajani
Never Never Land T'Air Force One
Never Never Land Y' Diana
Never Never Land Y' Juno
Never Never Land Y' Luna
Never Never Land Y' Mercury
Never Never Land Y' Nike
Never Never Land Y' Vesta
Remember Me Alchera
Requiem For A Dream Bernenska Przystan
Resident Evil Bernenska Przystan
Rising Star Alchera
Robin Alchera
Room Of Angel Bernenska Przystan
Run Away With Me Bernenska Przystan
Tajfun Alchera
Tally Weijl Alchera
Texas Alchera
Valerii Alchera
Valliant Nat Alchera
Vendi Alchera
X'Fast'n Furious Alchera
X'Mia Alchera
X'Ness Alchera
Xera Alchera
Registration Number: ISDS 305356

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