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Rising Sun Dark Raider

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Registered Name: Rising Sun Dark Raider
Breeder: Steve Burdine
Owner: Ewa Lukasik
Iwona Golab
Kennel: Rising Sun
Sire: Indian Oak Rayzor
Dam: Rising Sun Spin
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 13 June 2008
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: Poland
Size: 53 cm (20.87 inch)
Weight: 19 kg (41.89 pound)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Smooth (short)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: A3
Known Offspring:
Authentic Beauty Alchera
Baby Sun Quick Angel
Baloo Monpeja
Be Free Monpeja
Beautiful Zara Quick Angel
Best Will Monpeja
Bizzy Bee Quick Angel
Black Gale Monpeja
Brave Baya Monpeja
Breezy Cheery Monpeja
Brownies Bites Quick Angel
Connor Monpeja
Cool Runnings of Monpeja
Ekraborderen's Dark Red Ruth
Ekraborderen's Dark Ted Bear
Every Kingdom N'Orval
Every Kingdom Need For Speed
Every Kingdom Nesquick
Every Kingdom No Limits
Every Kingdom Noisy Boy
Every Kingdom Nothing Else Matters
Every Kingdom Now Or Never
Explorer Alchera
Fay Alchera
Fendi Alchera
Fiji Of Austrian Starlight
Fill Alchera
Flexi Free Alchera
Flower Power Alchera
For Me Siyah Alchera
Fru Alchera
Ketschker My Betcha
Ketschker My Harry
Ketschker My Jackal
Ketschker My Movie
Klomppen Malka
Klomppen Marek
Klomppen Miroslaw
Let's Rise Kai Shepter
Let's Rise River Shepter
Let's Rise Wia Shepter
Let's Rise Zofia Shepter
Lucky Summer Thai
Lucky Summer The Legend of Zelda
Lucky Summer The Touchstone
Lucky Summer The Treasure Of Petra
Lucky Summer Tnt Cinnamon
Lucky Summer Z'Hot Lava
Lucky Summer Zen
Lucky Summer Zero Limits
Misty Highland Ultra
Misty Highland Umberto
Misty Highland Unicorn
Misty Highland Universe
Misty Highland Uno
Misty Highland Uppsala
Misty Highland Uran
Misty Highland Ursa
Misty Highland Uttara
Misty Highland Uzi
My Trusted Friend NNL Rabbit's Foot
My Trusted Friend Nnl Lucky Penny
My Trusted Friend Nnl Shamrock
Never Never Land M'Be Power Shishi-O
Never Never Land M'Black Mamba
Never Never Land M'Black Racer
Never Never Land M'Bush Viper
Never Never Land M'Hiryuu
Never Never Land M'Kurou No Tatsu
Never Never Land M'Shingi To Giri
Never Never Land M'Yama No Arashi
Never Never Land Q'Carambola
Never Never Land Q'Manila
Never Never Land Q'Noni
Never Never Land Q'lychee
Never Never Land T'Kung Fu Panda
Never Never Land T'Master Shifu
Never Never Land U'Dare Devil
Never Never Land U'Hulk
Never Never Land U'Revenge
Never Never Land U'Sheikra
Qualand Born This Way
Qualand Break Free
Tronic Pashmina
Tronic Pepperina
Tronic Prider
Tronic Printz
Registration Number: PKR 63387
Tatoo / Chip: 4973681523
Rising Sun Prime

Rising Sun Dark Raider

Indian Oak Rayzor
Llh BeauJack
Indian Oak AnnieIndian Oak Cash
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Rising Sun Spin

Astra Tweed

Eryri Nan

Rising Sun Lucky Penny

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