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Titanic at Real Pearl

picture of dog
Registered Name: Titanic at Real Pearl
Breeder: Judit Korozs-Papp
Owner: Elena Denisova
Kennel: At Real Pearl
Sire: Avatar One Night Stand Bayshore
Dam: Eyes Of The World Empress
Call Name: Nik
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 11 August 2007
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Hungary
Land of Standing: Russia
Size: 52 cm (20.47 inch)
Colour: Black and White
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI B
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Aisknekht Irish Cream
Aisknekht Adrenalin Vita
Aisknekht Aerial World of Fire
Aisknekht Alraune
Aisknekht Arrow To Stars
Aisknekht Astra Anabel
Aisknekht Caira a Magnifique Meute
Aisknekht California
Aisknekht Catcher Nelson
Aisknekht Chelsea
Aisknekht Cherokee Grand
Aisknekht Cherry Brandy
Aisknekht Chester Dark
Aisknekht Chloe
Aisknekht Choice Chocolate
Aisknekht Christopher
Aisknekht Cinderella
Aisknekht Crown for the Leader
Aisknekht Eager Beaver
Aisknekht Eastern Jango
Aisknekht Easy Red Flash
Aisknekht Eden Elf
Aisknekht Edition De Luxe
Aisknekht Elettra
Aisknekht Eran
Aisknekht Erven
Aisknekht Especially For You
Aisknekht Ideal Girl
Aisknekht Iden
Aisknekht Iglem Megan
Aisknekht Illinois Illusion
Aisknekht In Time
Aisknekht Indigo
Aisknekht Inga Haku
Aisknekht Jurmala
Aisknekht Justina
Aisknekht Kai
Aisknekht Kate Brown
Aisknekht Kush
Aisknekht Lady Liberty
Aisknekht Lili latte
Aisknekht Lloyd
Aisknekht Lord
Aisknekht Mary Sue
Aisknekht Nefertiti
Aisknekht New Rising Star
Aisknekht New Star
Aisknekht Neymar
Aisknekht Nice Of Best
Aisknekht Nicksson
Aisknekht Nikon
Aisknekht Nina Ricci
Aisknekht Noel' Novelty
Aisknekht Noks
Aisknekht Nut-Brown Nelly
Aisknekht Odessa
Aisknekht Olinda
Aisknekht Oliver
Aisknekht Olivia
Aisknekht Olympia Kassandra
Aisknekht Oman
Aisknekht Open Soul
Aisknekht Oriana
Aisknekht Orion
Aisknekht Ray
Aisknekht Ray
Aisknekht Real Pearl
Aisknekht Real Rescuer
Aisknekht Real Rex
Aisknekht Red Robin Goodfellow
Aisknekht Rocky Flash
Aisknekht Roksset
Aisknekht Rom From Rockgarden
Aisknekht Rover
Aisknekht Roy Eastwood
Aisknekht Rushti
Aisknekht Russian Rock
Aisknekht Sharman Louise
Aisknekht Sheldon Blossom
Aisknekht Tara
Aisknekht Terlak
Aisknekht Tiny One
Aisknekht Tornell
Aisknekht Troi
Aisknekht Twiggy
Aisknekht Twist
Aisknekht Uford Sirius Black
Aisknekht Universal Sally
Aisknekht Yulian August
Aisknekht Yung
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Ginger Cookie BC Vangeldis
Glamour Girl Bc Vangeldis
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Jardin Secrete
Jasmin Nuer
Jeneva Bis
Jeune Star Ascari
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Rednalf Lincoln
Rednalf Lionel
Rednalf Love Story
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Registration Number: RKF 3206251
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Tom Dooley At Real Pearl
Total Recall At Real Pearl
Touch by Touch at Real Pearl
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Titanic at Real Pearl

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