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Orient Ornament At Real Pearl

picture of dog
Registered Name: Orient Ornament At Real Pearl
Breeder: Judit Korozs-Papp
Owner: Elena Denisova
Kennel: At Real Pearl
Sire: Bayshore's Count Chocula
Dam: Jodie Foster at Real Pearl
Call Name: Kusya
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 25 April 2006
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Hungary
Land of Standing: Russia
Size: 49 cm (19.29 inch)
Colour: Blue Merle
Coat: Rough (long)
Hip score: FCI A
Elbow score: 0
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Aisknekht Active Beauty
Aisknekht Agenor Friday
Aisknekht Balu Real Rescue
Aisknekht Batto
Aisknekht Beloved Beauty
Aisknekht Betty
Aisknekht Bianka
Aisknekht Billy Vaumare
Aisknekht Bordjay
Aisknekht Brainy Brown Bear
Aisknekht Bright Brilliant
Aisknekht Britt
Aisknekht Cappuccino Cake
Aisknekht Cassiopeia
Aisknekht Catalina
Aisknekht Clio
Aisknekht Cool Cody
Aisknekht Daikiri
Aisknekht Dallas
Aisknekht Darchi
Aisknekht Daring Jim
Aisknekht Desert Rose
Aisknekht Diana
Aisknekht Diligent For Dash
Aisknekht Domino
Aisknekht Dragonfly
Aisknekht Droplet
Aisknekht Dukati
Aisknekht Edgard
Aisknekht Enn Anyway
Aisknekht Eric
Aisknekht Everytime The Best
Aisknekht Extra
Aisknekht Falcon
Aisknekht Fast von Schneeland
Aisknekht Figaro
Aisknekht Flight Fasko
Aisknekht Florin For Favoretti
Aisknekht Formula 1
Aisknekht Friderik
Aisknekht Halle
Aisknekht Hanky-Panky
Aisknekht Harald
Aisknekht Harisma
Aisknekht Heidi
Aisknekht Helper
Aisknekht Jane
Aisknekht Jet Set
Aisknekht Jonty Lynx
Aisknekht Kendy
Aisknekht Kori
Aisknekht Kraft
Aisknekht Lennox
Aisknekht Lightning Like
Aisknekht Logan
Aisknekht Magic Coat
Aisknekht Mamba
Aisknekht Manga
Aisknekht Marvel
Aisknekht Midnight Moon
Aisknekht Miss Perfection
Aisknekht Mottled Mystery
Aisknekht Multi Jump
Aisknekht One Martin
Aisknekht Orienta
Aisknekht Party For The Lider
Aisknekht Passionata Wind
Aisknekht Patrick
Aisknekht Pele
Aisknekht Peppy Spark
Aisknekht Peter Pan
Aisknekht Picadilli
Aisknekht Pina Eksilain
Aisknekht Pixie
Aisknekht Pol Parker
Aisknekht Prima
Aisknekht Prima Donna
Aisknekht Prize Hunter
Aisknekht Promise Real
Aisknekht Scotty Snork
Aisknekht Shennon Red Star
Aisknekht Simply Best
Aisknekht Spaik West Wind
Aisknekht Torpeda
Aisknekht Triumph
Aisknekht Tuareg
Aisknekht Turbo
Aisknekht U Shi Shen Shi
Aisknekht Udacha
Aisknekht Umnik
Aisknekht Unikum
Aisknekht Unona
Aisknekht Unser Traum Luck
Aisknekht Vanquish
Aisknekht Very Vell
Aisknekht Victoria Queen
Aisknekht Vista Indigo for the Leader
Aisknekht Wolf Aus Nord
Aisknekht Yashma
Aisknekht Yuton
Aisknekht Yuventa Yula
Aisknekht Yuventus
Aisknekht Zimant
Forfis Dazzle
Forfis Desire
Forfis Dreammaker
Forfis James Bond
Forfis Jaskpot
Forfis Joe Black
Golubaya Strela
Gracia de La Vila
Grinda Black
Nafani Lavrentii
Nafani Legenda Orienta
Nafani Lucky Legacy
Veri Veel Mouse
Verity Speed
Victoria Vega
Registration Number: RKF 1873403
Tatoo / Chip: 348098100071455
Orchid at Real Pearl
Original At Real Pearl
Outlet at Real Pearl
Rainbow At Real Pearl
Recall at Real Pearl
Red Patches at Real Pearl
Red Ryder at Real Pearl
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