Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Nellie female TudeRita Black and White
Kit male Ken Black and White 2009
Ivy female NedTess Black and White 2022
Ned male KitJet Black and White 2013
Rhosan Bel female RoyNel Black Tricolour 2012
Pentir Targa female Finn JJPentir Mol Blue and White 2022
Pentir Vecna female Finn JJPentir Mol Blue and White 2022
Old Hemp male RoyMeg Black Tricolour 1893
Nell female DonOld Maid Black and White 1906
Tess female Dai Black and White 2014
Dalguise Dream Affair male Sashdan High Hopes For DykebarDalguise A Cherished Dream Blue and White 2018
Don male Ben Black and White 2001
Tanhill Emma female AndyTanhill Wattie Black Tricolour 2020
Cap male DonJill Black and White 2003
Kemi Joy male Foxridge Jack Black and White
Miley female Foxridge JackNon Black Tricolour 2022
Vicki male Foxridge JackDot Black Tricolour 2021
Copperbeau Thor male Sheltysham So Esoteric Black and White 2021
Moidoch Brock male Dunelle TagFleur Chocolate Tricolour
Trim female CapFlake Black and White 2007
Star male Ben Black and White 2003
Redgate Joy female StarTrim Black Tricolour
Bet female MicMeg Black Tricolour 2000
Cindy female Kikton Uno Black and White
Yellowhill Skye female BobCindy Chocolate Tricolour 2014
Causeway Sky female MossYellowhill Skye Chocolate & White 2019
Borderbrook Swan Lake female Wizaland Jonah LumoWIZALAND LOVES DREAMS ATBORDERBROOK Black and White 2002
Astra Nova female Astra EnzoAstra Lace Lilac Merle Tricolour 2020
Kay female Ben Black Tricolour 1995
Nell female SidRed Black Tricolour 2016
Sue at Redside female ZacJodi Black Tricolour 1991
Cefneithin Senna female Clwyd BobGayle Black Tricolour 2021
Dan male Clwyd BobJill Black and White 2022
Jess female SweepMinnie Black and White
Old Meg female SweepMaid Black and White
Jen female JimMist Black and White
Roy male TeriFan Black and White 1935
Bess female Jim Black and White 1963
Lad male JimFly R. Wood Black and White
Cornishmyth Hot Kinder female Gunran Too Hot To Handle At CornishmythSmoketrail Quiz Chocolate & White 2015
Cornishmyth Hot Topic female Gunran Too Hot To Handle At CornishmythSmoketrail Quiz Black Tricolour 2015
Gunran Too Hot To Handle At Cornishmyth male Stardell MuscaGunran Guaranteed Black and White 2010
Rosehurst Golden Dust Over Tosari female Thistlemist TirrimThistlemist As Good As Gold Black and White 2000
Stardell Musca male Gesviesha Falcon FlyerGrelganna Gemini Of Stardell Black and White 2004
Lassie female Hemp Black and White 1924
Speed male RoyEmma Black Tricolour 1943
Ivormyth Peak Blue Steel male Shaktise SantiagoIvormyth Kinder's Rainbow Blue and White 2021
Meg female JimNell Black and White 1944
Jan female BenShell Black and White 1974
Glen male BenLass Black Tricolour 1941