Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Susie female Jaff IIPoppie
Daan male WinstonRuska
Chuck male DaanHonnie
Sampi male RockeyMax
Griffin male ClydeBet Black Tricolour
Jessie female ClydeBet Black Tricolour
Clyde male Spot
Fey female Sampi
Thea female MickFey Black Tricolour
Chrisri Chloe female JimElfa Mo Black Tricolour 2020
Elfa Mo female WispElfa Gwen
Cap male BobJessie Black Tricolour
Charlie male CapKelly
Moss male CapKelly Black Tricolour
Simmie female SimonDimpels Black and White
Coil male FritzDollie Black and White
SM Gypsy female Taddymore TroyNonnie Black Tricolour 2013
Giftnell One More Flash Of Berkano female Stavros Try To Top Me Of GiftnellGiftnell Ali's News Flash Black and White 2009
Jack male Jakkie IISusie Black and White
Molly female GriffinThea Black Tricolour
Tawny female GriffinThea Black Tricolour
Lady female ChuckSusie Black and White
Ace Flynn male Jack From Shepherds OwnTawny Black Tricolour 2014
Pro Floki Urd male Pro JakkieFloss Black and White 2018
Poppie female JetSally
Floss male BlackyLady Black and White 2010
Pixie female BlackyLady Black and White 2010
Wiskey male TigerLady
Blou male ChopperJot
Jasper male BlouNandi
Tweed female WiskeyKelly
Blacky male CoilTweed Black and White
Dimpels female Coil
Koos male CoilTweed
Steffi female CoilYogi Bear
Kelly female JasperCandy
Squeeze female JasperSteffi
Nonnie female KoosSqueeze
Pro Lass female Pro JoshuaAlexis Black Tricolour
Don male EdgeJessie Black Tricolour
Shepherds Pride Siri female Astra LadSM Gypsy Black Tricolour 2019
Pro Joy female Pro JackiePro Lappies Black Tricolour
Elfa Gwen female DonMolly
Elfa Lass female DonJessie Black Tricolour 2010
Pro Jackie male DonPro Lass Black Tricolour
Pro Jakkie male JackPro Micka
Pro Lappies female JackSimmie Black Tricolour
Clyde male MossElfa Lass Black Tricolour 2012
Pro Micka female ClydePro Lass
Pro Mister Bojangles male ClydePro Joy Black Tricolour 2018