Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Ann female TamTrim White and Black 1946
Bann female SpotMeg White and Black 1988
Ben male CapQueen White and Black 1991
Bess female Spot White and Black 1968
Bill male BillR Fly White and Black 1973
Corriedhu Fionn male Corriedhu SpotAstra Mist White and Black 2006
Devongem Pure Genius male Darleyfalls No Fear At DevongemDevongem Free Love White and Black 2014
Fan female MossMeg White and Black 1977
Flete Of Tamerrye male Tam Of HazelglenMerrye White and Black 1969
Glen male WagZoe White and Black 1993
Hawkstor Chief male Ben Of KilliebraeTammy White and Black 2003
Hazel female BobMindrum Nell White and Black 1961
Jemma female Jim White and Black 1998
Kelpie female VicMod White and Black 1968
Lass female RoyMeg White and Black 1984
Lowensbourne Spot male Tess White and Black
Maid female Spot Of RoweburnDell White and Black 2005
Max male Diolch KentMilly White and Black 2018
Merrye female Lowensbourne SpotLowensbourne Gigi White and Black 1966
Milly female Spot KemiNell White and Black 2014
Mirk male JimNell White and Black 1964
Miss female White and Black 1969
Nell female White and Black 1983
Rock male Tax White and Black 1987
Runfold Gipsy Of Joem female TweedTyrocoll Dazzler Of Runfold White and Black
Sheila female CraigNell White and Black 1971
Skye female JimGael White and Black 1995
Spot male BobWiston Nan III White and Black 1962
Spot male JaffDavey White and Black 1982
Tam Of Hazelglen male Glenro Bob Of KestonHazel White and Black 1964
Telf Peg female CraigMeg White and Black 2017
Wyverne Jossie female RoyBronallt Gillian White and Black 2018
Astra Ghost male Astra MarsAstra Dream Seal Merle 2002
Aviary Supernatural male Silver InnovatorAviary Smoky Quartz Seal Merle 2017
Bryning Finale female Starside PaddyLocheil Mercy Me At Bryning Seal & White 2011
Bryning Goldfinch female Bryning Willie WagtailDawn Of Sunloch Valley At Bryning Seal & White 2007
Montaki Rising Star male Chazak Vegas MagicCarlinmaggie Flammin Hot Seal & White 2013
Beesting Dare I Dream male Meleswood Rather SpecialBeesting Starlight Sable Tricolour 2006
Sarn Faen Buck male BillLlwynsarn Meg Sable Tricolour 2007
Take Time Joe male DonLynn Sable Tricolour 2001
Chazak Ocean Quest male Chazak Royal RequestChazak Moonlight Mystery Sable Merle 2018
Passim Causeariot male Chazak Royal RequestPassim Breaking Dawn Sable Merle 2015
Ronja female Sable Merle
Adelph Bella female Shadwell BossAdelph Honey Sable & White 2014
Adelph Belle female Shadwell SunnyTry Sable & White 2012
Adelph Ember female Shadwell SunnyTry Sable & White 2012
Adelph Honey female Shadwell SunnyTry Sable & White 2012
Advengers Lexi female Heathgate SkipperMeggan Sable & White 2009
Aviary Smoky Quartz female Woolram LotharioBryning Goldfinch Sable & White 2014
Avock's Drovers Gold male Avock's RossieAvock's Struck Gold Sable & White 1997