Border Collie pedigree database
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Name Sex Sire Dam Colour Year of Birth
Abba female LadMeg Black Tricolour 1988
Ace female PipNell Black Tricolour 1989
Albert male GlenJess Black and White 1975
Amy female GlenJess Black and White 1978
Amy female BobDel Black and White 2009
Amy At Round Robin female ScotNell Chocolate & White 2011
Ballyglass Angie female DanTillymauld Nell Black and White 2004
Ballyglass Gyp female Clifton TaffGyp Black Tricolour 2004
Ballyglass Jed male GlenConnie Black and White 2002
Ballyglass Jess female ToddBallyglass Lynn Black Tricolour 2006
Ballyglass Joey male TipCurragh Bell Black Tricolour 2013
Ballyglass Lynn female DanBallyglass Nell Black Tricolour 2003
Ballyglass Nell female Clifton TaffGyp Black Tricolour 2002
Ban female Llangwm SpotJess Black and White 1995
Ban female BenGyp Black and White
Banba's Peggy Page female ShepDewi Banba Black and White 2008
Beau male SpotJess Black Tricolour 1989
Beaufort Bill Of Keltic male ZachCindy Black Tricolour 2002
Beauty female Glen 1995
Belle female Crannagh Bracken Black Tricolour 1987
Ben male MaxNell Black Tricolour 2005
Ben male BeauKemi Bet Chocolate & White 1999
Ben male Black and White 1973
Ben male Joe of RoweburnRose Black Tricolour 2007
Ben male FredDawn Black Tricolour 2003
Ben male Clifton TaffCrannagh Floss V Black Tricolour 1997
Ben male Knockmaa JackMist Black Tricolour 2015
Ben male Roy Black and White 1998
Ben male Black Tricolour 1985
Ben male BillRose Black Tricolour 2005
Ben male SpotDarky Black and White 2002
Ben the Bear male BranCloverhill Jess Chocolate Tricolour 2009
Bess female Black and White 1958
Bess female Chip Black Tricolour 1980
Bess female SpotTina Black Tricolour 2007
Betty female BuddyJan Black and White 1999
Biddy female Bill Black Tricolour 2005
Bill male MossSuzie Black and White 1989
Bill male JedNell Black and White 1997
Bill male MossJan Black and White 1996
Bill male JimRose Black Tricolour 1998
Bill male JoeCindy Black Tricolour 2004
Bill male Highgate Ben Black Tricolour 1998
Blacksheep Mist female SpotNell Black and White 2008
Blake male CraigSally Black and White 1976
Blessed Sam male Gentle LadLee Black and White 2016
Bob male CapTib Black Tricolour 2005
Bracken female ChipKim Black and White 2009
Bracken female BenLassie Black and White
Bran male BranPeg Chocolate & White 2004