Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Shannen
Last name: Jacoby
Postal Code:
Country: South Africa
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Eurofire A Hearts Dream
Eurofire Aesop's Fire
Eurofire Amazing Heart
Eurofire Bee Courageous
Eurofire Bee Magical
Eurofire Born Ready
Eurofire Born To Be Fast
Eurofire Born to Drive
Eurofire Born To Shine
Eurofire Captain Fast
Eurofire Dragon Of Love
Eurofire Epic Girl
Eurofire Extreme Power
Eurofire Fast For You
Eurofire Fast Prinz
Eurofire Fastnbright
Eurofire Forever In My Heart
Eurofire Forever Young
Eurofire Full Of Love
Eurofire Gallant Heart
Eurofire Go Boldly
Eurofire Go For Gold
Eurofire Go For Love
Eurofire Go Go Gadget
Eurofire Go Jack Dawkins
Eurofire Go Jack Dawkins
Eurofire Go Super Sonic
Eurofire Heart Of An Angel
Eurofire Heart Of Gold
Eurofire Hearts Desire
Eurofire Hearts Desire
Eurofire Hu Go Boss
Eurofire Intense Power
Eurofire It Must Bee Love
Eurofire Its Go Time
Eurofire Love Everlasting
Eurofire Love Of The Game
Eurofire Poetryinmotion
Eurofire Power Cozmic
Eurofire Power of Love
Eurofire Power To Shine
Eurofire Powerful Galaxy
Eurofire Powerful Stig
Eurofire R U Ready F Ra
Eurofire Ray of Love
Eurofire Ready T Imagine
Eurofire Ready Tb Mythic For Askenhill
Eurofire Ready to Go
Eurofire Ready To Rayce
Eurofire Rumour Of Love
Eurofire Show Must Go On
Eurofire Skies Da Limit
Eurofire Super Powers
Eurofire Time For Love
Eurofire Trinityofmagic
Eurofire Velocity
Eurofire Wild Love
Eurofire Zac On Track