Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Lynn
Last name: Harrison
Postal Code:
Country: Australia
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Tullacrest Back In A Heartbeat
Tullacrest Be Tempted
Tullacrest Call Me Maybe
Tullacrest Capricorn Dancer
Tullacrest Chill Out
Tullacrest Classified Too
Tullacrest Constant Craving
Tullacrest Denim N Lace
Tullacrest Devil In Prada
Tullacrest Diamonds onthinside
Tullacrest Extra Trubl
Tullacrest Femme Fatale
Tullacrest Goodtime Girl
Tullacrest Ice Man
Tullacrest Irma L'douce
Tullacrest Karbon Copy
Tullacrest Lady Of The Night
Tullacrest Legacy Ov Luv
Tullacrest Less Get Fitzycal
Tullacrest Lick Sipn Suk
Tullacrest Lovem-N-Levem
Tullacrest Medicine Man
Tullacrest Midnyt Magic By Willowtree
Tullacrest Moonshadow
Tullacrest On-The-Prowl
Tullacrest Paintd Rite
Tullacrest Penthouse Pet
Tullacrest Play Misty FMe
Tullacrest Sono Thor
Tullacrest Soul Mate
Tullacrest Tempt My Soul
Tullacrest The Tempter
Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
Tullacrest Totly Awsom
Tullacrest Town Flirt
Tullacrest Tucson
Tullacrest Tuff-E-Nuff
Tullacrest Witchcraft