Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Harvey & Anne
Last name: Caddy
Postal Code:
Country: Australia
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Minimbah Beau
Minimbah Black Gypsy
Minimbah Bonnie
Minimbah Classic Black
Minimbah Classic Lass
Minimbah Dash'n Beauty
Minimbah Flair
Minimbah Flame
Minimbah Flaming Star
Minimbah Flash N Free
Minimbah Flashdance
Minimbah Flashn Fancy
Minimbah Fleetfoot Mac
Minimbah Free To Rule
Minimbah Glory Rose
Minimbah High Style
Minimbah Hot 'n' Sweet
Minimbah Hot Connection
Minimbah Hot Liberty
Minimbah Hot Lyric
Minimbah Hot Muffin
Minimbah Hot Pepper
Minimbah Hot Pursuit
Minimbah Hot Tradewind
Minimbah Hotfoot
Minimbah Hotn Stylish
Minimbah Illumination
Minimbah Lacrosse
Minimbah Lauralee
Minimbah Leading Lady
Minimbah Liberty
Minimbah Lightfanfare
Minimbah Littl Lightning
Minimbah Locomotion
Minimbah Lunar Rose
Minimbah Lustrous
Minimbah Mac Callie
Minimbah Melanie
Minimbah Misty Monarch
Minimbah Mundai
Minimbah Night Moves
Minimbah Nights Illusion
Minimbah Out O'the Red
Minimbah Out of the Town
Minimbah Outward Bound
Minimbah Paint TheTown
Minimbah Polar Express
Minimbah Ragged Rose
Minimbah Red Therules
Minimbah Reflection
Minimbah Regency Rose
Minimbah Reverie Miss
Minimbah Secret Agent
Minimbah Showdown
Minimbah Snow Mist
Minimbah Son Ocallum
Minimbah Spark
Minimbah Strike Force
Minimbah Tan Trio
Minimbah The Redhead
Minimbah the Signet
Minimbah The Strutter
Minimbah Themesong
Minimbah Tradition
Minimbah Turn The Tide
Minimbah Turn Up The Heat
Minimbah Tux'n Tails
Minimbah Tuxedo
Minimbah Wild Rose
Minimbah Wildfire