Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Deanne
Last name: Veselka
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Happenstance Keeping It Cool
Wildblue Ammardan Assumed Risk
Wildblue Ammardan City Rhythm
Wildblue Before Sunset
Wildblue Caoidh
Wildblue Caoirean
Wildblue Charmed Again
Wildblue Chas N Butterflies
Wildblue Chase The Clouds
Wildblue Copperridge Soft Soul
Wildblue Diamond in the Ruff
Wildblue Do What You Can
Wildblue Echoes of Thunder
Wildblue Edgedancer
Wildblue Elsecaller
Wildblue Emerald Dream
Wildblue Eternal Dream
Wildblue Eternity
Wildblue Farenheit
Wildblue Final Rhythm to Ammardan
Wildblue Infinity
Wildblue Jump The Fire Line
Wildblue Legacy
Wildblue Light a Fire
Wildblue Mirage
Wildblue Mischievous Spells
Wildblue Pale Fire
Wildblue Radiance
Wildblue Resonance
Wildblue Rhin
Wildblue Riptide
Wildblue Seeker
Wildblue Silver Haze
Wildblue Silver Jazz
Wildblue Skybreaker
Wildblue Soft Rhythm
Wildblue Soulcast
Wildblue Soultide
Wildblue Speak Softly
Wildblue Spell Of The Gold Country
Wildblue Storm Shadow
Wildblue Stormlight
Wildblue Sunstorm
Wildblue Tantrik
Wildblue Tartan Mist
Wildblue Tartan Sett
Wildblue Tartan Vesper
Wildblue Tartan Whisper
Wildblue This Girl Is On Fire at Ammardan
Wildblue Thunder Dancer
Wildblue Tyr
Wildblue Valkyrie
Wildblue What's Your Secret
Wildblue Where There's Thunder