Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Judith
Last name: Gregory
Postal Code:
Country: United Kingdom
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Pan Shepherd's Dream
Tonkory Baboushka
Tonkory Boris
Tonkory C'est La Vie
Tonkory Caress
Tonkory Celendine
Tonkory Craka
Tonkory Dennis Shepherds Dream
Tonkory Dusk
Tonkory Ego
Tonkory Eliza
Tonkory Enchantress
Tonkory Ever So Special
Tonkory Expectation At Freespirit
Tonkory Explorer
Tonkory Extravaganza
Tonkory Femme Fatale
Tonkory Flame and Fire
Tonkory Fleece
Tonkory Geyser
Tonkory Gold Digger At Huntly
Tonkory Goodness Gracious
Tonkory Imp
Tonkory Incognito
Tonkory Jaffa
Tonkory Je Ne Sais Rien
Tonkory Like It Or Lump It
Tonkory Livin Dangerously
Tonkory Looking For Love From Locheil
Tonkory Mia from Corinlea
Tonkory More Than Most
Tonkory Morgan
Tonkory Move Over to Huntly
Tonkory Mumbo Jumbo
Tonkory My Kynda Guy At Chikaramor
Tonkory Over The Moon
Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken
Tonkory Porirua
Tonkory Qu'est Que C'est
Tonkory Quintessential
Tonkory Ruba
Tonkory Shimma
Tonkory Take to the Sky at Skyvana
Tonkory Tickle My Fancy
Tonkory Up And Coming
Tonkory Valley Of The Storm
Tonkory Walk On The Wild Side
Tonkory Wish You Were Here
Tonkory Wonderboy
Tonkory Wonderwomen
Tonkory Xotic
Tonkory Xpected At Huntly
Tonkory Xtasy Nobite
Tonkory Xtra Special
Tonkory Yippee Ayeh
Tonkory Yours Truly
Tonkory Yves Saint Laurent
Tonkory Zara