Border Collie pedigree database
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First name: Suzanne
Last name: Mayborne
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Shorelad's The Castle Savoy
Shoreland Olympic Rock
Shoreland Willy Wonka
Shoreland Wing Mender
Shoreland's All About Me
Shoreland's Black Magic
Shoreland's Bouncin For Ewe
Shoreland's Ewehoo Maggie Blue
Shoreland's Goldmine To Energies
Shoreland's Music In Motion
Shoreland's Non Stop Nanna
Shoreland's Rio Bravo
Shoreland's Shi Beginning At Marquee
Shoreland's Triumph Ability
Shoreland's Will Rock Ewe
Shoreland's Above and Beyond
Shoreland's Ak's Believe It Or Not
Shoreland's Antonio Z
Shoreland's Art Of Illusio
Shoreland's Black Star Sapphire
Shoreland's Blue Bonnets
Shoreland's Blue Stick
Shoreland's Breakin' The Rules
Shoreland's Brody Blue Buckaroo
Shoreland's Cha Cha Cha
Shoreland's Color My World
Shoreland's Creepin' For Ewe
Shoreland's Dance The Tango
Shoreland's Dew The Ewe
Shoreland's Don't Go Breakin My Heart
Shoreland's Everything Nice
Shoreland's Fashion Page
Shoreland's Fashion Plate
Shoreland's First Round Draft Pick
Shoreland's Gem Stone
Shoreland's Gotta Be A Hotshot
Shoreland's Heart Of Gold
Shoreland's I'm Too Cute
Shoreland's Keep On Running
Shoreland's Kenetic Rip Tide
Shoreland's Kid Rock
Shoreland's Let's Get Jiggy With It
Shoreland's Lets Rock
Shoreland's Life In The Fast Lane
Shoreland's Loyal Luke
Shoreland's Lucky Charm
Shoreland's Luke Skywalker
Shoreland's Mad About Ewe
Shoreland's Made In Illinois
Shoreland's Magic Choice At Gingerbell
Shoreland's Merlin Mora
Shoreland's Mirror Image
Shoreland's Misty Moonlite
Shoreland's Mocha Cappuccino
Shoreland's Mocha Choca Latte
Shoreland's N All That Jazz
Shoreland's Night 'n Shining Armor
Shoreland's Night Moves
Shoreland's Nine To Five
Shoreland's Not A Gamble
Shoreland's Once In A Blue Moon
Shoreland's Only An Illusion
Shoreland's Optical Illusion
Shoreland's Precious Gem
Shoreland's Razzle Dazzle Ewe
Shoreland's Red Label Scotch
Shoreland's Rock Me
Shoreland's Rock N' Roll All Nite
Shoreland's Rock Song
Shoreland's Says Never More
Shoreland's Silver Engagement
Shoreland's Sophisticated Lady
Shoreland's Starry Starry Night
Shoreland's Steel Jazz Dancer
Shoreland's Storm at Skuddenhof
Shoreland's Sugar N' Spice
Shoreland's Supermodel
Shoreland's Sure Tobe Famous
Shoreland's Surfin' On The Rocks
Shoreland's The Golden Rule
Shoreland's Total Eclipse of The Heart
Shoreland's Tri N Stop Me
Shoreland's Tri-Umph For Ewe
Shoreland's Twist N Shout
Shorelands Ewe Take My Breath Away