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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
A Something Wild Idolo CMKU 11900/18 Fenrir Ferencik Bestseller Lovelenia female 2018
A Star of Sky Big Ride CMKU/BOC/9000/15/17 Mawlch Turk Eiri Greme Orla male 2015
A Sugar Raised Donut LOI 10175943 Allymoon Gatto Silvestro Dancingunderthemoon male 2010
A Sweet Heartbreaker With Spirit And Cleverness Artus Arwen von Alm Hazel with Spirit and Cleverness male 2015
A Sweet Lya of Magic Border's Joe of Roweburn U-Dianne of Magic Border's female 2012
A Sweet Melody LOI 14107008 Sherlock Holmes Dei Rovi Fioriti Licence For Love At Real Pearl female 2014
A Sweet Princess Danaishe We Are Together Gasko Prim female 2016
A Tayson LOI 14106990 Sherlock Holmes Dei Rovi Fioriti Licence For Love At Real Pearl male 2014
A This is Border Bilberry Domino Blackberry female 2015
A Touch Of Honey From The Wild Powerdogs Trust Your Heart Around The World Daiquiri Moonlight With The Spirit Of The Hawk female 2011
A Triple X Aus Dem Bergischen Dean Kemi Annie Vom Vluyner Land male 2015
A Troublemaker With Owl's Eyes Gingerbell New Loox For Luna Tale Yiska Flaming Star Von Sumelocenna male 2018
A Victory Game Of The Maze Runner Mawlch Rusty Fyhr's Aibileen female 2018
A Wake With Eager To Work Glen Aaliyah A Flotte Sach male 2016
A Walnut Ridge the Maze Runner CMKU/BOC/11083/18 Mawlch Rusty Fyhr's Aibileen male 2018
A Way to Easy Jim of Caninature Jen From The Narrow Lane male 2013
A White Head Tender Flash Idrus Bohemia Alke Ginger Brown Gasko Prim male 2006
A-Black-Angel With The Spirit Of The Hawk BOC 6158 Dustin's World Von Der Neckarburg Happy Day Von Der Neckarburg female 2001
A-Bonnie Libussky Broucek Arien Aglar Wonderfull Dream Cate From The Narrow Lane female 2009
A-Laddie Von Den Agility-Freaks ZBrH 5898 Detania Arion Tess Of Batania's Farm male 2000
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