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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
Fata Morgana Dajavera CMKU/BOC/3696/09/11 Nice Of You To Come Bye Jerry-Lee Amy Dajavera female 2009
Fatal Attraction Easy Rider Del Mulino Prudenza A Magic Stardust female 2019
Fathera Slezsky hradek CMKU/BOC/2366 Hector Czechmate Barunka Slezsky Hradek female 2007
Fatia Negra of Bordertreowe JR 70062 BOC Dream's Border Extralarge Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe female 2014
Fatima Darley Arabian Brown Dancer Gasko Prim Ferine Bohemia Alke female 2005
Fatima vom Fohlenhof Tansterne Fun Cora Mein Schaefergesell female 1989
Faust Foxy Fox Braveheart Of Pinewood Country Glare Bohemia Alke male 2003
Favourite Lumos Solem Big Bro Aisknekht Toronto male 2018
Fawn NHSB 2800003 Nice of You to Come Bye Number One Fancy female 2010
Fawsley Beck ISDS 76744 Bright Fly female 1972
Fawsley Jaye ISDS 173551 female 1987
Fax ISDS 249780 Jim Of Londonderry Lassie male 2000
Fax Du Mont Kerchouan Droopy Chipe male 1990
Fay ISDS 11960 Coon Nell female 1955
Fay ISDS 22737 Brocken Jeff Floss female 1961
Fay ISDS 64339 Bruce June female 1970
Fay ISDS 42928 Roy Tess female 1966
Fay ISDS 272482 Ben Jill female 2004
Fay ISDS 18351 Jim Nell female 1960
Fay ISDS 254711 Sandy Rose female 2001
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