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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
Macllewys Ace of Diamonds Tyrone Jimmy Sheepa From Stone Gardens male 2011
Macllewys Ace of Hearts Tyrone Jimmy Sheepa From Stone Gardens 2011
Maclusla Tyron Charlstud Chocolate Ted Wottapud Marla male 2005
Macq LOSH 1136704 Gaico Uit Huize ter Beuken Proud To Be Joyfull Jazz male 2013
Macy REGV 0629/81 Mac Yllet female 1981
Mad Hatter of Dashing Dawn Tehya Twice Told Tale First Light of Dashing Dawn male 2017
Madaleys Checkmate KC SB 4486 CK Claygar Bootsy'n Snudge Madeleys Hit the Rite Note male 1998
Madam J Comebyanaway Glen Flash female 1997
Madam Of Blessing Tani Jp BCL-00326/96 Windygyle Maori Chief Marsean Aclassic Edition female 1996
Madastigens Jejja REGV 1235/87 Viktor Madastigens Tussie female 1987
Madastigens Laddie REGV 0052/70 Sambo Donna female 1970
Madastigens Ritzi REGV 0031/71 Sambo Donna female 1970
Madastigens Tussie REGV0298/82 Chico Donna female 1982
Maddie ISDS 212573 Hope Floss female 1994
Maddie Wiston Cap Bett female 1971
Maddie ISDS 321430 Dewi Tweed Fran female 2012
Maddie ISDS 165550 Spot Maggie female 1986
Maddie ISDS 263326 female 2002
Maddie ISDS 270304 Scott Clifton Moll female 2004
Maddie ISDS 72636 female 1972
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