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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
V.I.B.C. des Mauves Bruyeres Glen Only female 2004
V'Firefly Dragon Luna Tale Proud Spirit Derzai male 2018
V'Glen des Mauves Bruyeres Glen Only male 2004
V'Jazz LOF 16434/2283 Tempo of Kildare Rosam du val d'Ecouve male 2004
V'Ken Kenmillto Jack Sweep male 2004
V'lou LOF 19455/3329 female
V'queen LOF 1611/340 female 1984
V'Roxane LOF 20652 female
Va des Mauves Bruyeres LOF 15521 Glen Only female 2004
Va Va Voom RKF 5452645 Born To Win Double Trash female 2018
Va Va Voom Springsunset of Cleverland Soul Almighty At Pic Pokey Trucharm Mad About You male 2016
Va-Bank Big Joy Bentley Ognennaya Oya male 2017
Vaddie of Ding Ding Pet Kennel female 2009
Vagabond Of Pinewood Country Devoted One Of Maranns Home Morningstar Of Pinewood Country male 2009
Vagabond Viking Blue Energizer Aris Z Cesalky Bebe Black Energizer male 2006
Vago Star Lord Of Wei Long Kennel CKU-297012575/14 Sporting Fields Call Forth Borderfame F gaeg of Fu You Yaun Kennel male 2014
Vaiana de Wild Wolf’s Paradise RRC01737448 Iron de los Parejos Freya de Wild Wolf's Paradise female 2018
Vaiana from Paradise Falls Lucky Blue From Paradise Falls Evita with Silent Magical Paws female 2018
Val ISDS 86525 Robbie Queen female 1974
Val male
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