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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
O Yuan Huazelei of Boreen Kennel CKU-297011526/14 Apolo Of Fu You Yuan Kennel Borderfame Miss Magic male 2014
O, Bacon Bacon Frezi Grant male 2011
O'bise LOF 40/9 female 1978
O'Fenna of Maranns Home Geoffrey Go For Gold Von Der Kleinen Arche Life's Magic Of Maranns Home female 2015
O'fire Forest Land Chilabo Ballantine's Scotch Whisky Tan Energizer Never Never Land One Touch Of Magic female 2012
O'My! Freedom Reigns Tn Hooty Siri male 2016
O'My! Riddle Me This Yosemite's Hate The Game Holther's Cure For Black Magic male 2014
O'My! Rogue One Tn Hooty Siri male 2016
Oakmeadow Night Wanderer FIN 12984/05 Xanadu Spirit Vom Skuddenhof Oakmeadow Treasure male 2005
Oakmeadow Treasure Krislyn Mckawley Festivo Nixie female 2000
Oaktree Doc ABC 303154 Hatsoff Jack Hatsoff Blaze male 2007
Oban Nam Fiadh From Paradise Falls Guinness Von Den Markenbordern Aislinn With Silent Magical Paws male 2015
Obanspiteri de La Fontegude LOF 8615/1925 Larry du Chene de Montels Lotaa de Fontegude female 1998
Obelix ISDS 284577 Cak Hrdlicka Bara Okresicka Perla male 2006
Oberkrainer Borders - Blue Lexy Auenland Borders Age Abby From Austrian Stonefield female 2014
Obeurn Jyn Maura Du Chene De Montels female
Obey From Borders Madrigal Hof Borderland's For Times Sharon From Borders Madrigal Hof male 1998
Obi of Maranns Home Geoffrey Go For Gold Von Der Kleinen Arche Life's Magic Of Maranns Home male 2015
Obsession Of Cleverland Hotnote Good News Home Sweet Home Of Cleverland female 2007
Oceana Mauritius Von Hamels Hof Tonkory Wonderboy Froh Von Hamels Hof female 2006
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