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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
H-Atome des Plateaux du Haut Doubs Llangwn Docker Lynne male 2012
H'Ben des Mauves Bruyeres LOF 29806 Brave Cap Va des Mauves Bruyeres male 2012
H'Mac LOF 4044/554 male
H'Nick Vom Danischen Wohld ISDS 257125 Tweed Lower Poole Liz male 2001
H'Veneto Forest Land Chilabo M'Halny Forest Land Chilabo Latin Border Halle Berry female 2015
H'Zeus Unic Cora male 2012
H'Zumi Forest Land Chilabo Ghost Latin Border Halle Berry male 2017
Habby V'Spot Cwmadog Del female
Hachi Of Maranns Home Darko of Maranns Home female 2008
Hachiko Dream of Joy Borderline Country Leonardo Borderguard Somebody to Love male 2013
Hades van hof Diabolo Extasy from Imkes Friends Bryning Leap To The Sky male 2008
Hadjy LOF 3565/773 Fax Du Mont Kerchouan Frimousse female 1992
Hafod Dot ISDS 281138 Fran Ben Cammen Nan female 2005
Haidie LOF 3483 Bose du Caussiradou C'Koantic female 1992
Haidja von der Boelerheide ZBRH 4 Moss of Maramin Farina of Helenenhof female
Haig ISDS 9190 male 1952
Haig ISDS 252 Glen Maddie I male 1918
Haig ISDS 138565 York Dii male 1983
Halladown Aramis LO0098191 Wizaland No Limits on Love Halladown Legacy male 1999
Halladown Kind Of Magic Merrybrook Moriaty Whenway Peace male 1995
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