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Name Reg Nr Sire Dam Sex Year of Birth
B'its Not Too Late Forest Land Chilabo Astra Jai Ho Blair Witch Movie Star Tan Energizer female 2011
B'Miracle of Love Forest Land Chilabo Trust Your Heart Conalls Joy Blair Witch Movie Star Tan Energizer male 2013
Babe A Leader From Tyre-Stamp Beesting Shadrack Aviga from Mandy's Home male 2003
Babe Bohemia Alke CMKU/BOC/27/96/98 Highland Dreamer Mobella Jackie female 1996
Babe Of Forestry Farm Detania Beauregarde At Zeabo Jephanil Kamella male 1998
Babel Veloce Of Batania Farm Detania Lady In Brown female
Babette of forestry farm Detania Beauregarde At Zeabo Jephanil Kamella female 1998
Babs ISDS 145438 female 1984
Babsi Foxy Fox CMKU/BOC/310/01 Wendevick Usecasper Daryl Bohemia Alke female 2001
Baby LOI 99/58620 Detania Belthazar female 1998
Baby Brown Gasko Prim CMKU /BOC/396/01 Roy of Dalmillington Tosari Flies High female 2001
Baby Call Me Bayard Maeglin Elvis Ellow Vivid Sparks male 2017
Baby Jane of Cleverland VDH/ZBrH BOC 5753 Big Von Hamels Hof Darjeeling's Deep Blue Something female 2000
Baby Kid Adelaine Hope CMKU/BOC/8884/15 Brave Clyde Great Kiri at Adelaine Hope male 2015
Baby Lou Border Northwest Hungary Lucky for You Armani Queeny Of Forestry Farm female 2009
Baby Sun Quick Angel SPKP529/16 Rising Sun Dark Raider X-treme Speed dei Matiblu female 2012
Baby Te Pito O Te Henua SPKP 14/2000 Highland Dreamer Collie Czechmate female 1999
Babybel The Firestorm Of Beyonic Eyes Wrangell Mountain's Zorro Borders At Work Kilay male 2017
Babylon At Real Pearl Claygar Boot Scootin' Boogie At Accra Azurkek Ragyogas Venus At Real Pearl female 2013
Baccari in Black Queen of Old Hemp Konstantin in Chocolate IV Earl of Eskalony Snowy of Old Hemp female 2015
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